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1337 Massachusetts Avenue, #203, Arlington, MA, USA, 02476
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I grew up here in New England, a land of cold winters and strong opinions. When I studied architecture and anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania, I discovered design solves problems; design makes ideas better and clearer; design is where form and meaning come together. Pursuing this idea, I worked in architecture, sculpture, printmaking, theater, and even sign language interpreting, but it was graphic design that won my heart. 

I've run my own studio for 15 years, providing branding, packaging, print, video and interactive projects to clients ranging from Harvard think tanks to makers or organize candy to green-energy startups. 

Holland-Mark has broadened my reach, giving me the opportunity to work collaboratively with amazing people to deliver excellence to great clients. 


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Caitlin Carey
Caitlin Carey December 18, 2016

I had the privilege of working with John Skurchak during my time at Actifio. His graphic design and branding expertise is obvious and made my life so much easier with everything from laying out brochures/invites, creating logos for event series to designing booth graphics and conference staging. He is a great listener, experienced designer and I am always blown away to see him take a simple idea or .pdf and make it look world class. I am lucky to continue working with John and know first-hand why he is sought after in the Boston tech community and beyond.

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