Formaggio Kitchen

244 Huron Ave , Cambridge, MA, USA, 02138
Formaggio Kitchen

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Specialty food store offering cheese, wine, charcuterie, olive oil, chocolate, jam and honey from around the world. Custom gift baskets available.

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Caitlin Carey
Caitlin Carey November 27, 2016

My go-to spot for any foodie on my list - leave it in the experts to curate a gift basket on your behalf and add your company logo or color for that extra touch. They even offer a handwritten note!

Here's a little inside scoop from my conversation with their expert team:

Q. Favorite gift basket theme you have curated so far?
A. Our favorite theme thus far is classic - the perfect cheese basket. We love to create a gift that allows the recipient to use everything for a perfect night of wine and cheese with friends and loved ones. The basket includes cheeses, wine, condiments, crackers and something sweet (usually biscotti or chocolate). Another favorite for those who prefer non-perishable baskets is our pantry staples basket. For us, it is like shopping for your perfect pantry! We include our favorite olive oil, vinegar, spices and other unique ingredients. It is so much fun to introduce people to our unique selection of pantry goods.

Q. Any favorite product people always request to be included?
A. The most requested item in our holiday gifts tends to be one of our imported Italian cookies. We work with tiny producers and their products are made fresh and then shipped immediately to us. They are unlike anything else that you can get in the US and they are the perfect compliment to a cheese basket.

Q. Why recipients love receiving a Formaggio's gift basket?
A. I think that we have so many devoted gift basket customers because of our selection and our wonderful gift basket team. Most people know that if you want to curate an amazing gift for a food lover, Formaggio Kitchen is the perfect place. We search far and wide to bring products into the store that you cant find anywhere else in the US and that unique quality is a wonderful draw. Beyond that, we have an incredibly passionate group of people who handle our gift baskets. They are all food lovers and their passion for food shows in their work. Making gift baskets is one of our favorite parts of the holiday season and we try to let that show in our work!

Q. When popavent planners call for more info, is there anyone specific they should request to speak with regarding large orders?
A. When placing larger orders, they can speak to either Colleen, Julia or Liz Moroney. Alternatively, we have a gift basket email address if that is more convenient. It is

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