Dinner Spots near Moscone?

Caitlin Carey posted
Any recommendations for dinner spots near Moscone? 
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Jackie commented

We did a full buyout at AQ during Oracle OpenWorld -

Pros: walking distance to Moscone, everyone LOVED their thoughtful/delicious seasonal menu + rustic decor. Incredible private room downstairs - perfect for interactive whiskey tastings.

Cons: alarming amount of homeless people stationed outside; ensure venue has someone stationed outside to welcome guests.


Jenny Avatar
Jenny commented

I booked Boulevard - James Beard awarded, views of the bay...nothing not to love. Until you find out private dining room is in the BASEMENT...next to the bathrooms. As the planner I was greeting everyone that was going to the restroom as if they were a guest at our party. Next time, I wish I had booked the gorgeous main dining room upstairs.

Staff + food + lead planner were all lovely to work with.

Meredith commented

Locanda...I think it was Heather I worked with, she was exceptional.
The Slanted Door - my all-time favorite, never hosted an executive dinner there, but team dinner was great
The Water Bar - felt special, always a line to get in, incredible views of the bridge, impressive fish tanks create cool vibe